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Sexy Spread: I picked up my friends little sister from school the other as a favor. When I got her home she asked if I could help her real quick with some math homework. I told her it was ok as long as it was quick because I had to get back to work. When we were inside she said she could not find it. She tricked me to come inside because she wanted me all along. She came onto to me real quick and I was kind of stunned. She started rubbing my dick which got hard almost instantly, so it was difficult to say I did not want to stay. She told me her bother was not going to home anytime soon, and she was eighteen. I said fuck it and started feeling her tight body. Her pussy was so tight. I was probably the second person to fuck her. I wanted to cum so quickly. I fucked her til that pussy creamed all over my dick and then I hosed down her face with a huge load of cum.




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